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John McLaren's Family Website


Elizabeth with her new horse
Zoie -- October 2013


Daughter Elizabeth, an attorney by trade, has
long-standing affinity with horses (and other creatures).

Shelties endure in our household

Indie, pictured here is the third in a line of Shelties to grace our household since 1990. We acquired Indie just five days after her predecessor, Reina, died in July 2007, as the result of a tumorous growth in her chest. Indie, who has similar coloration to Reina, was still a pup -- 5 1/2 months old -- when we found her. Our first Sheltie, Bonnie, was 15 when she died of old age several years ago. We wish dogs lived longer.
Photo was taken in October 2013, when Indie was 6 1/2 years old.

Levi critters, April 2015


Wall hanging by Kay

2 Harriets, Circa 1918

John's Aunt Harriet Doerr, who became a celebrated writer, was about 8 when shown here with her tutor, Harriet Hutchins

The boys of long-ago summers -- all still breathing

Here's a travel bargain for the ages: Seven days at sea for only $12. Frequent stops at exotic ports to entice even the most jaded traveler. It's definitely economy class. but with all the money you save, you can do plenty of shopping ashore.  Of course, that was more than 50 years ago, and prices might be a bit higher today. Click here for the lurid details.

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Last updated: April 27, 2015